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We are margin neutral giving you control over the final price of our products. Explore the Wearfer Price Transparency to find out the cost composition of each product. Then decide on a Wear Fare to support our mission.

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Margin neutral

Margin neutral

Wearfer is margin neutral, giving you the chance to support our mission. Why? Because we want to make sure no one is locked out of fair fashion.



We are fully transparent. Check out the cost composition of every product, where it has been made and by whom. We certainly think being honest is cool.



At the core of what we do are people; protecting garment workers and building a community of creatives.



Sustain-ability; anything that cannot be sustained over a long period of time will fail. Collectively, we can sustain the objects around us, the people who made them and our Mother Earth.

Community of Wearfer

We collaborate with artists from all over the world. Get to know them all.

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m.dalli_lineart / Maria Dalli

Artist / Valencia

Interested in simplifying the complex through improvised lines, her work is based on the beauty of asymmetry and imperfection.

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Fiorenza_art / Elena Gatti

Creative / Chicago

An independent, multidisciplinary creative focusing on figures, faces, animals, and even nature from a retro, bold lens.

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Yagmur Ozturk

Sade by Yagmur / Yagmur Ozturk

Artist / Istanbul

Inspired by the power of simplicity and aims to understand the complexity of life by reducing it to a single line.

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