Hi, it’s good to have you with us at Wearfer.

We noticed sustainable clothing is a rather isolated concept, sometimes unattainable or unaffordable. That is why we are going margin neutral. We don’t use a typical pricing model, in fact there are no set prices on Wearfer. Instead, we set a minimum cost of each item, based on the true cost of production – check product details for Price Transparency and find out the cost composition of every product – once you are familiar with what goes into making of the product, you have the control to choose a fair Wear Fare and support our mission.

Now that the Wearfer model makes more sense, let’s take a step back and think why we are here. At the core of everything we do are human relations. To quote Zofia Nałkowska, a Polish prose writer and dramatist in a loose translation:

“People brought this fate upon people”

In the context of the fashion industry, the fate of many garment workers is unsafe working conditions, lack of fair pay, child-labour to name a few. Yes, people brought this fate upon others, and as consumers we have every responsibility (response-ability), but luckily also power to vote with our wallet for a better world. At Wearfer we are serious about local production and the livelihoods of garments workers. Our mission is to bring back sustainable garment production to the UK.

At the heart of Wearfer is a community of artists from across the world, each with their own story and style and together creating the Wearfer brand. We are building an outlet for creatives to share their work through ethically made fashion.

The Wearfer Collective challenges the conventional sizing in the fashion industry. At Wearfer we do not care about the number on your garment. We use descriptive sizing to make you feel incredible every time you put on your clothes. We are joined by other value-driven businesses adopting the Wearfer sizing model. You can be next.

A note from the founder

Everything in moderation is what I live by. Whatever the field; food, work, study, exercise, shopping! You can overdo anything, and that is when you lose balance. The fashion industry has lost its balance in the race for trends and profits. With Wearfer I want to re-instil the lost values of fashion practicality, creativity, diversity, and respect. Any product (think beyond fashion too) has to be made somewhere and by someone. As soon as it is bought by you, it is on a lifelong journey of existence (and not the short human existence, for some materials it could be a couple of hundreds of years!). We already know the threats to our civilisation caused by mindless consumption and throw-away culture, and I hope too about the questionable fashion production practices, so for this simple reason I invite you to think! before you buy. Choose well, make it last, buy less with more value.

Olga Cieslak Founder