Gessica Maio

Artist / Paris

Gessica Maio is a French artist working as a freelance illustrator, art director and comics author. She studied communication design, applied to space and events design (École Boulle in Paris), and visual didactics at HEAR, Strasbourg (Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin). In 2021 Gessica received the young talent prize at the Quai des Bulles comics festival in Saint-Malo. She creates illustrations for clothes, magazines, brands or institutional and didactic communication supports.

Gamze Yalçin

Contemporary Artist / Berlin

Gamze Yalçın (born 1987, Istanbul) graduated in 2010 from Mimar Sinan Fine Art University as an Interior Architect. Since 2014, her work has focused primarily on painting and public art. Her works have been shown in various shows in Turkey, Germany and Spain. Currently Gamze lives and works in Berlin.

Giota Apostolopoulou

Architect / Greece

Giota Apostolopoulou is an Architect from Greece, who has also a great interest in art. Passionate about design in different scales and forms her work ranges from digital art to object design and ceramics. Her style is reflected in abstract shapes, female bodies, and portraits, with a color palette that combines bright with pall shades. Being familiar with embroideries from a young age, since her grandmother was a dressmaker, she loves to share her art within transparent and sustainable fashion environment that Wearfer builds.

Yagmur Ozturk

Sade by Yagmur Yagmur Ozturk

Artist / Istanbul

She works on one line art in Istanbul and adopts a minimalist lifestyle. Her art is inspired by the power of simplicity and aims to understand the complexity of life by reducing it to a single line. She hopes to go beyond the concepts of excellence by creating a precious, inspiring silent space with her simple and elegant lines.

Madara Henina

Explicit Design / Madara Henina

Artist / Latvia

Is an artist from Europe with a true passion for minimalism in a lot of aspects of her life. After four years in school of arts and craft and a few more years of traveling around Europe she slowly found her way into the world of art. She believes that we all search for mood boosters and inspiration with all surroundings and hopes more people can find it in her work.

Fiorenza_art / Elena Gatti

Creative / Chicago

Elena is an independent, multidisciplinary creative from Chicago focusing on recreating what brought her to love art from the very beginning. Elena creates figures, faces, animals, and even nature from a retro, bold lens. She is drawn to the unusual and hones in on features/elements that many tend to overlook. Authenticity is key to Elena’s core. She’s not focused on a ‘perfect creation’ rather, transferring the emotion and excitement she feels onto the canvas.

m.dalli_lineart / Maria Dalli

Artist / Valencia

María Dalli is a self-taught artist based in Valencia, Spain. Her artwork exhibits a primary interest in simplifying the complex through improvised lines that form abstract faces and figures. Whilst using a minimalist style, her work is based on ideas such as the beauty of asymmetry or imperfection, moving beyond the stereotyped human figure to better understand how we are and how we relate to each other. Dalli’s original work includes both minimal one line drawings as well as gouache and acrylic paintings, and she has increasingly been focused on digital art.